About that poster

Well, their propaganda is insane, and slowly people have started to notice. Videos of one of their top propaganda/media spokespeople were sloooowly starting to get noticed and gain traction.

Example 1: https://youtu.be/W1Xn7n6vkqY (from his online livestream)

Example 2 (from the actual Russia 1 channel a few days ago): https://youtu.be/SaBWUAINN4E

So, we have these two videos slowly gaining traction in the info-sphere (twitter and facebook accounts of those who pay attention). So when you google “Russia 1 propaganda” you might come up with these videos that clearly show that they’re broadcasting their plans/ambitions/desire to take over Baltic states and some parts of Europe etc. etc. etc.

Not a good look, right?

And then they pull this stunt, and all ANYONE is talking about today related to Russia 1 is this “heroic woman who stands up to tell the truth” (after 8 years of actively working as an editor on the channel CREATING this propaganda in the first place).

So in one tweetable video (conveniently 15 seconds long, for maximum Instagram shareability) they’ve diverted the entire world’s attention from the kind of stuff they actually broadcast on a daily basis.

And everyone fell for it.