Arbitrary Number of Good Things from 2021

  • Getting vaccinated
  • Tyler, the Creator album + rollout
  • JPEGMAFIA album
  • BRNDA album
  • Vince Staples album (had that on repeat for like 2 months)
  • Got health insurance
  • Learned how to put eyedrops in my eyes
  • Spent a month in Amsterdam
  • Had a beach vacation
  • Finally started getting my mental health sorted out
  • Tim Rogers’s (Action Button) game reviews
  • The Cyberpunk 2077 review, specifically
  • Part 6 of that review, specifically
  • Finished Breath of the Wild
  • Restarted Breath of the Wild
  • Finally started playing Kentucky Route Zero
  • Hades!
  • Learned how to DRM strip books and audiobooks (HMU privately for tips & tricks)
  • Figured out I like sci-fi lol
  • Got a new board and did some skating!
  • Made a song (it’s bad but I made it!)
  • The book Four Thousand Weeks
  • Journaling

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