Back Home

Me and my emergency backpack have made it back to Kyiv. The train ride was difficult (if uneventful). My cat wouldn’t let us sleep and wanted to explore the compartment, refusing to stay in his carrier box for more than 20 minutes at a time once his calming pill wore off (23:00-ish).

Then we rolled into Kyiv right as the air raid sirens started. It was a little surreal ordering a cab while reading the news that four rockets have landed somewhere in Kyiv. But we did get a cab and we did get home (and the air raid warning ended about 30 min after we got home).

This is another in a long series of constant reminders that a lot of things keep going despite the 102 days of a full scale invasion, an 8 year war, and a 400+ year struggle with a tyrannical empire we happen to live next to. It’s something I’ll probably never get used to while also being something I’m 100% used to — all at the same time.

There’s a war going on but:

  • I sent 4 boxes of my belongings from Lviv to Kyiv and they arrived within 26 hours
  • When I came home, I ordered burritos at 9AM and a courier brought them to me
  • The granny I was staying with in the village has better internet than probably, like, 80% of people living in Moscow or whatever
  • The President of Ukraine visits the front lines at night
  • There’s still, somehow, actual “world leaders” that work to appease Putin and russia.

Like, I’m writing this blog post right here while there’s an air raid warning. I’m blogging in the middle of a war. Shit’s weird, dudes.

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