I’ve been finding myself feeling like I want to have some sort of output. It’s like a restless feeling of wanting to have something to share with the world. Or, like, rather, to have some thing stop taking space inside of me.
It’s an anxious feeling, and not one that’s conductive to “making” things, so actually acting on the feeling and doing the doing is extremely difficult.
It feels like being sick to the stomach but not able to do anything about it. Kinda like the mental/creative equivalent of heartburn or something.

One of my goals for 2023 is to actually learn to do something with this feeling. To use it to drive creation instead of what it does now (which is get me to “drown” this feeling with #contnet). Essentially — I want to stop “stress eating” and get into “exercising”.

But with creativity.

God, the metaphors in this post are all over the place.