I know that for a person that’s spent the last year talking about “fuck cars — ride bikes” getting a car is kinda hypocritical. So, what follows is a bunch of reasons (excuses?) why I’m getting one:

  • Uhm, there’s a fucking war? Gotta keep escape options open.
  • I have two cats now, and getting them to the vet kinda necessitates a car, because cabs were a bit troublesome with one cat, not to mention two.
  • I’m getting a city car. It’s small, it’s very fuel efficient, and I absolutely plan to run it into the ground before I get a new car (if I ever get a new car at all)
  • My grandfather’s getting old, lives far away, and I suspect making my visits to his house more frequent would be good for both of us.
  • I will still ride bikes more than I drive the car whenever possible.
  • I’ve missed out on… quite a few opportunites to make friends/get projects/experience things because I didn’t have a car. Life is short (given the circumstances — possibly very short), and I kinda want to stop missing out on those things.

This list up there is mostly for me to quiet down my own internal debate.

Thanks for tuning in!