I went to see the Ukrainian animated movie “Mavka” today.
Very unusual feelings about it in a lot of different ways because of many different reasons.

  1. There’s a war going on. Right now. In my country! And yet Ukrainian movies are getting released, Ukrainian culture is being born/created/shared with the word.
  2. I’m here, in the middle of that war, sitting in a cinema, watching a Ukrainian movie. Like, my choice to spend my limited free time seeing a movie given the circumstances is weird!
  3. This movie is good! Sure, it has a few moments that could be better, but it could probably sit comfortably on a double-feature night with a Pixar movie and definitely be the better movie in a double-feature with a Dreamworks animation (unless that animation is Shrek, because nothing can compete with Shrek).

So yeah, if/when this movie rolls around in your area, find the time to go see it! It’s cute, it’s fun, it’s Ukrainian!