I wrote about this in my journal, but basically we decided to go to the Karpathians this past week because there’s a higher-than-we’re-comfortable-with chance that the fucking russians are going to launch an extra aggressive offensive that week.
We booked tickets, packed some clothes (in addition to our “Emergency Backpacks”), put our cat in its transpoter, and headed out on a 13-hour train journey.

At this point, our cat is pretty comfortable on trains. This was his third train ride (and the longest).

We came to our hotel early and had to wait several hours before we could check in, but we found a nice place on the terace to sit and talk.

Two days later we went into the mountains. We climbed up to Mountain Makovytsya to checkout the views.
It was a difficult climb. It started off nice and easy, with plenty of “stepping stones” to make it easier on the steeper climbs. But soon after we were left 1-on-1 with steep, muddy (after the rain) climbs up to the top.
Half way up we decided that we couldn’t handle the final 2km of the walk so we hopped into a jeep that took us to the top.
Not great for the environment, but great for our mental health, because we were starting to get hangry.
The views were spectacular.
Here are some photos that don’t do it justice.

The day was ruined by 189 air raid sirens accross the country because russia fucking sucks and they kept the whole country on edge for the whole day (Ukrainian Independence Day).

A small test edit.