How to Help Ukraine

Car for Ukrainian Army:


Sending your money to the right people can have one of the fastest and most effective cost-to-impact ratios available to people who don’t want to pick up a gun and come fight the russian army.

There are 3 “Tiers” of help:

Local & Immediate

Send money to me via PayPal (ffsanton93 at gmail dot com) and I will forward this money to a locul volunteer organization that I know spends the money well and helps people. You can leave a comment with your donation letting me know whether you’d like the money to be donated to an active military cause (heat visors, helmets, drones, cevlar vests) or a humanitarian cause (medicine for civilians, first aid kits, etc.).

So far I have been sent $500, all forwarded within a week of me receiving the money.

For every donation you will get a detailed report on where I forwarded your money and what was bought.


You can send your money to Come Back Alive or the [Serhiy Prytula Foundation[( and it will be spent on some really awesome stuff. Come Back Alive has been buying and sending equipment to the front lines since 2014. They have one of the best logistical networks and work closely with the Ukrainian Army to know what is needed, where it’s needed, and (most importantly) where to get it. You might have heard of Serhiy Prytula’s foundation from that one time they collected money for 4 Bayraktars in the span of several days.


This is the official fund set up by the Ukrainian government. Turnaround between money donated -> money spent is a bit longer, but the benefit of being a government is that you can buy things volunteers can’t (HIMARS and stuff like that). You can donate directly to the Ukrainian government here. Here too you can decide exactly what kind of cause you’re donating your money towards. image


DO NOT DONATE to the Red Cross international of Unicef. They have collected billions of dollars in donations but anyone in Ukraine is yet to see meaningful humanitarian aid from either of these organizations.