It seems like I’m on my yearly “try to get into reading manga” binge.
Last year it was Hunter x Hunter (didn’t get far), Sakamoto Days (was keeping up with the publication schedule for a couple of months), and the final volume of Attack on Titan (that was, technically, this year, but everything that wasn’t a week ago feels like a year ago).
This time around I decided to go back to one of the “classics”, and maybe not a Shonen – something a little more mature.

Now that I’m two volumes in, I think I’m going to enjoy what I’ve started.
It took a while to “reset” my brain and focus on the “vibes” rather than the plot.
That’s one of the things about anime and manga (in general) that didn’t click with me for the longest time – it takes a long while for the plot to start developing. There is a lot of “character establishment” and it takes a long time for hints of plot to start showing up in a story.
I remember when I firsst started watching Attack on Titan it seemed like forever before something interesting happens.
But that’s common.
It seems like the general flow/structure of a lot of anime/manga is to ask a ton of questions from the get-go, and then spend the next couple of years slowly unpacking everything – sometimes never directly answering any of the questions posed in the first seasons/volumes, but hinting at clues that might lead to an answer in the watcher’s/reader’s mind if they assemble the pieces correctly.