This is a reverse chronological order of updates made to this website.


One of the things that comes along with “keeping this domain name going despite it’s yearly price” is that if I’m going to stick to the .fm TLD, I kinda want to embrace that thematically as well?
Like, no matter what “close-to-my-heart” feelings I have about an online ‘home base’ being a metaphor for a physical ‘home’ — I’m always drawn to the ideas of “sound” and “waves” and “radio”.
Something about radio being a nearly-dead medium that still remains really important (especially given the fucking war)… I mean, how close is that to what’s happening to personal websites (especially given the heat death of the social media-verse)?
It’s practically the same thing!
In a post-apocalyptic world we’re all going to be ham radio operators, and in a post-socail-media world we’re all going to go back from being “online brands” to good old webmasters.
Running our little AM stations.
Hosting our little static websites.

IDK. It fits.

Anyway, what I’m saying by/about all this is that in the upcoming weeks/months this website is probably going to go from being “Toni’s House” to being “Toni’s Pirate Radio Station” or something along those lines.
A concious effort to create less noise and focus on beaming out a signal that someone, somewhere, will hopefully tune into.


  1. I’ve decided to only push updates on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.
  2. I realized that “devlog” is a better name for this section than “weblog”. Weblog has a different meaning, and I’m going to need to “free up” that term because I actually want to keep a weblog.
  3. Every once in a while I think about how it would be awesome to have a hand-coded HTML website, but I don’t want to deal with manual assembly of an RSS feed.


It’s been 5 days and I’m still happy I’ve made the choice to stick to Hugo.


Messed around with the Hugo RSS settings so hopefully now my RSS feed will be delivering the full content of my posts, not just the description.
Still not 100% sure if it will.
Low key wish it was possible to know how many people subscribed to my RSS feed so that I know if I’m bothering anyone with my endless tests or if I’m worried for nothing because all the writing that happens on here is just… going out into the internet void.


Doubling down on using Hugo (which works with Markdown) means I can use Obsidian to manage 99% of the writing I do for this website.
So, I’m doing that now. :)
Coming up next:

  • Figuring out how to work with images with this kind of setup.


I’ve decided to double-down on/keep this domain, so a few technical changes needed to be made to make it easier to run.
My old system of two different GitHub repositories + Hosting auto-deploys was pretty convoluted. So much so, that when I tried to make some updates pre-“these new changes” I couldn’t figure out how to do it for a while.
Now this website is hosted on a single repository and is auto deployed using CloudFlare.
I will be writing a wiki page on how to set all this up for those who are interested.
Also, the “garden” section is soon going to be moved to a subdomain using Montaigne. This will make it easer to actually do gardening, as all updates will be pulled from my Notes app and auto deployed.
Coming up next:

  • A blogroll
  • An update to my home page
  • Moving my blog from to
  • Moving the “Links” section to a subdomain (will probably require that I make a new Hugo instance)
  • Some tweaks to how I work with markdown files on my end


I’ve only been working with Hugo for a couple of days (and the only other statc site generator I’ve used was Jekyll), but damn this thing builds websites fast.
By no means is it as straightforward to use as a WYSIWYG site editor or a CMS like WordPress, but I 100% understand why so many people go with Hugo for their websits.
Eventually I’d like to experiment with 11ty as well, but I have a feeling I’ll only get to that once I have to build/start a new website. I’m going to try (like, really try) to keep this website on Hugo for as long as possible.
I love changing the “back end” stuff in my work just as a procrastination method, but this time around I’d like to avoid procrastination and actually put in the work to build a cool little digital home for myself and my thoughts.


Deleted my old website and uploaded this new static website generated by Hugo. I’m working with 5 different git repositories:

  • My Zettelkasten
  • The Hugo raw files
  • The Hugo export
  • My old “Orgmode” stuff
  • My old wiki git

It turns out that manually going into a bunch of different folders to do a bunch of git actions is tedious. BUT I have a bunch of aliases set up in my bash settings, and now I can pull/commit/push all my changes in every one of those 5 git repos with a single command.

The main benefit is that this is extramely quick. The big drawback is that my commit messages are very nondescript, which might become a problem in the future, but right now I feel like #Hackerman because I changed my bash configuration like a pro!