Russia launched a full-scale invastion on February 24th, after 8 years of continuous hybrid warfare and an occupied Crimea + part of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblast in Eastern Ukraine.

As of me writing this, the war has been going on for 136 days. I have forgotten what has happened during at least 70% those days. Everything has blended into one long mess of days and events.

This log is here to keep track of what’s been going on.


Turns out that all the air raid alarms that happened in Ukraine during our Independence Day were kinda false alarms. The fucking russians had their rocket-launching airplanes take off 22 times during the day, just for the sake of terrorizing our civilian population.
One of those times they launched rockets at a train station, killing civilians.
But the pope didn’t say shit about that, did he? Instead he spoke about Daria Dugina and how she’s an “innocent victim” of this war despite the fact that she was spewing fascist propaganda left and right while she was alive.
That does not classify as “innocent” in my book.
All russians are guilty of this war. Through direct action or just through complicity – every single russian is at fault.

That country is truly pathetic.
There is a report of a russian soldier saying that he wants to be the mayor of a city in Ukraine when the war is over. When Ukrainians pointed out that he’s not in a city, he’s in a village with a population of 1.5k people he was shocked.
“But you have sewage systems and running water. You have electricity and gas. How is this not a city?” he said.
They come here from their own circle of hell, where nobody cares if they live or die, and they find out that the most downtrodden Ukrainian still lives a better life than the average (or even “above average”) russian scumbag.

There is no hope for that country. I hope they fall apart quickly.

russia is a terrorist state.
russia is an imperialist cancer that the world should have dealt with centuries ago.
We’ll get there. Sooner than they think.


There were 189 air raid alarms accross the country during the Ukrainian Independence Day.
The fucking russians hate to see us thriving.


The fucking russians look like they’re gearing up to cause a maximum of terror on/around the Ukrainian independence day.
Scary reports from the nuclear power plant in Zaporyzya are coming in daily.
There’s reports that the russians are preparing for a public execution of Azov Stal warriors on August 24th.
There are reports that the russians have delivered nearly 100 long-range missiles to Belarus (likely to make sure all Ukrainians everywhere in Ukraine spend the day/week in their bomb shelters rather than celebrating their independence (FROM the USSR which is actually just “the russian empire by proxy”… the fucking irony)).

So yeah, as I’m sitting in the bomb shelter writing this, things are looking kinda bleak for the upcoming week.

Fuck russia and every russian who hasn’t done anything truly meaningful to oppose this genocide.


It’s been a while since I wrote something here. It’s not that nothing has happened (a lot has happened), but I couldn’t find the energy to write about it.
The russians have mined the entire nuclear power plant in Zaporyzya. It’s the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe, so if it goes down (or I guess “up” in flames) pretty much the entire continent is fucked.
But that’s what terrorists do, don’t they? They fucking create situations of terror to get their way, and the only way to resist them is to… well, resist them and not give into panic.
Ukraine will win this war, but it’s getting more and more difficult to do the day-to-day chore of surviving.
But I will. We will.
russia is a terrorist state, and terrorists don’t win.


1 air raid alarm today (9AM).
Still absolutely fuming with fury after yesterday’s events.


Today has been tough. There was a siren in the morning.
Then I saw the news that there’s a video going around where a russian soldier cuts of the genetals of a Ukrainian POW with a box cutter.
Soon followed by news that the russian launched a rocket at a bus stop in Mykolaiv, killing 5 people.
Soon followed by the news that the russians bombed the prisoner camp in Olynivka where the POW from Azov Stal’ were being kept, killing 40 and injuring over 100 POWs.
Given the context of the video depicting russians torturing Ukrainian POWs it seems like the events at the prisoner camp were a way to “cover up the evidence” of the fact that these kinds of things were happening there as well (if not worse).
It feels like everyone keeps saying it but it’s falling on deaf ears - russia is a terrorist state.
They are animals, they behave like animals.
The soldiers behave like rabid dogs, committing attrocities left and right.
And the civilians are brainwashed sheep that do whatever their TV tells them to do.
It’s fucking too much to handle for me right now, but I’m left without a choice, because this is happening in my country.


I’ve turned my journal into a public gratitude journal so I might as well turn this (partially) into a count of how many air raid sirens there were per day.
As of writing this (7AM) there have been four (I was basically in my basement continuously from 4AM until right now).
Fuck russia.
But also (as a bonus) - fuck bealrus.

Air raid sirens today:

  • 4:09 - 5:18
  • 5:37 - 6:04
  • 6:09 - 6:11
  • 6:20 - 6:53
  • 12:21 - 12:54
    Total time I spent @ the bombshelter today: 2 hours 43 minutes


Two air raid sirens today. One at around midnight that ended at 1AM. Another at 9:00AM. So, obviously, I’m sleep deprived and furious.
However, there are some good news! 40,000+ russians have been killed by the Ukrainian army so far. Nice round number. Wish it was bigger.
Also, tonight the UA army bombed a bridge in the Kherson region. Now a bunch of russian batalions are “trapped” on the right bank of Ukraine with no feasable way to retreat to safer positions. I’m expecting that 40k number to rise a bit quicker than usual in the next couple of weeks.


Three (I think?) air raid sirens throughout the day. One of them was while I was on a work Zoom call. Still managed to close + pack my laptop and be down in the basement within 5 minutes. Pretty good, if you ask me. :)


It’s 10:53AM and there have already been two air raid alarms. One at 8AM (love to sleep in on a Sunday!) and one just now. Both likely caused by rockets/airplanes launching from Belarus.
So yeah, Belarus is complicit in all this and they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions soon. Reparations aren’t cheap, and they’re going to get paid!


There was an air raid alarm today. It was a bit unnerving because we haven’t had those in a while and the apps that signal air raids were a good minute and a half behind the sirens we heard outside. The first thought I had was that our alarm systems were somehow hacked or something. But, thankfully, no. Just a little delay.

In the middle of the air raid the lights went out in the building. It was just a “run of the mill” technical malfunction in the fuse box, but it was also a bit stressful.

Yesterday rus-Turkey-UN signed a grain export deal and Ukraine-Turkey-UN signed a grain export deal. This was supposed to allow safe passage of Ukrainian and other ships through the black sea so that our grain can be exported and world hunger could be averted at least a little bit. And, well, this morning the russians bombed one of the 3 ports that are supposed to be safe (in Odessa). It took the fucking russians less than 24 hours to break whatever promise they made in an international document/agreement they signed.

So, absolutely fuck russia and every single russian.

It’s 1PM right now. I’ll probably have more to write about before the day ends, unfortunately.


No air raid sirens today and that makes me anxious. I know that’s 100% the point of terrorism (which russia constantly engages in) — making people anxious that it might happen again and that it might happen to them, but uhm… I guess it works?

No person should feel like this, and I know that whatever anxiety I have about a potential rocket landing right into my apartment’s window is mild. I’ve been living with anxiety for years, this is… A piece of cake, in some ways.

But fuck, this can’t be good for people for whom the feeling of anxiety is foreign and they don’t have 10+ years of experience of dealing with it and hundreds of different coping mechanisms.


There were no air raid sirens for over 24 hours. That’s great, because I’ve finally been able to have at least one day of rest to tone down the paranoia and regroup myself. It’s helped. It’s allowed me to catch up on sleep A little. I’m not nearly rested enough in general.

rus propaganda is working overtime in the US and Germany. I’m seeing more and more messages about people pushing for a “peaceful” end of this war. The people writing that shit obviously don’t understand two key ideas:

russia is the aggressor. They can stop anytime.

Ukraine is defending itself. If we stop - russia takes over everything

This video shows how people should think about this issue if they took even a split second to think about the war wholistically.

This war is a litmus test for how various nations and communities are treating important issues (health, climate change, capitalism, etc.). Far too many people are thinking of short-term gains (or mitigating short-term losses) without giving any thought to the long-term consequences of their current actions (or the lack thereof).


Tonight there were no air raid sirens although russian PSYOPs were working overtime to create panic over a “planned and confirmed” 4AM massive air strike accross the whole country. You’d think on the 5th month of the war everyone would be used to this kind of bullshit and adjust their behaviour accordingly, but a lot of people were experiencing “panic vibes”. Because of the regular air raid sirens I was (am?) exhausted and anxious, so I fell for it. Last evening I went to bed feeling pretty anxious.

But, like I said, there were no air raid sirens tonight at all! So, I had a good 12-hour sleep and I actually feel somewhat rested for the first time in a very long time (at least three weeks, I think).

Very few publications continue writing about the war as much as they used to in the first few months. And from those that still write about it regularly, many of them are clearly influenced by russia. You can tell from the tone of the news updates/articles from the New York Times, for example. They’ll interview a “Ukrainian musician” (Ivan Dorn) under the guise of “look, we’re paying attention to Ukraine!” But they’ll pick an artist that has had a “neutral” (sometimes bordering on “pro-russian”) stance for the past 8 years.

Why? Especially since this artist isn’t even that popular outside of Ukraine and russia. They could have gone with a DakhaBrakha, who regularly has concerts in Europe and the US (they were on the Pyramid stage in Glastonbury this year). They could have gone with Svyatoslav Vakarchuk from Okean Elzy (the BBC did a video with him here).

But no, they go with one of the most notably russian-adjacent musician currently still working popular in Ukraine.

So, I guess what I’m saying here is - keep an eye out for who still writes about the war and how they write about it. A time will come when they shift to writing about something that’s relevant to you, and you’ll know who you can’t trust.


Got my “go from my home to the basement bomb shelter” time down to 2 minutes! It still takes me an average of about 8, but this is a personal best.

I hate russia for the fact that I even have a personal best to write about.


23 dead and 42 considered missing after a rocket landed in Vinitsya. The rockets were launched from a submarine off the coast of Crimea.

One of the dead is a child. There are images going around of the child and the child’s mother’s blown off leg next to it.

Meanwhile I’m out here explaining why the hammer and sickle is a hate symbol to clueless tankies that have read one book by Marx and think that the the soviet union is great and use their anthem (which is the Russian anthem, might I add) as a joke in their TikToks and YouTube videos.


The number of bodies found in Chasiv Yar is up to 45 now. I think at this point its safe to say that they won’t be finding any more survivors from that building. It breaks my heart (which feels pointless to say, like a statement that doesn’t change anything and doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m actually feeling).

There was an air raid siren at 2PM today. So, that was my lunchbreak ruined.

Still waking up every morning and hoping to see a video of a rus military base bombed by a HIMARS. Still feeling like it’s christmas morning every time that video is waiting for me in a news feed when I check it.

These HIMARS things are really changing the tide of the war, giving us a much needed boost in this war of attrition. But what hurts the most is that while we’re losing the best Ukrainians alive every day, russia is losing scum (at a rate that’s not even close to one I’d find satisfactory).

Read a news report that russians have deported 2,000,000 Ukrainians (5% of our population) to russia. Many of them are children. Deporting children qualifies as genocide, so if you’ve had any doubts that what russia is doing is genocide - there you go. It officially is genocide.

I saw a person with a hammer and sickle in my mastodon instance today. I’m wondering if it’s okay to report that person or if it would be best to message them privately and ask that they remove it from their bio.

Another day that brings us closer to Ukraine’s victory, but it’s painful to not know exactly when that victory will happen.

I hope it’s soon.


Air raid sirens at 4AM today, so the whole day I’ll be feeling like a zombie.

The death toll from the building in Chasiv Yar is up to 45 people now.

All that said, the Ukrainian army is doing some real damage with the HIMARS we got from the US. We’re targetting russian ammunition stockpiles and the fireworks that ensue look like they bring our victory closer.

There’s going to be an emergency session of the russian parliament on the 15th of July. Opinions on twitter (from those that pay attention to this kind of thing) are split in two:

The optimists think that they're going to give up
The pessimists think that they're going to declare war. officially. which will allow them to mobilize civilians into their army and send them to die in Ukraine.

There have been some good news popping up here and there on twitter, but any piece of good news that isn’t about our 100% victory feels like… “When’s the other shoe going to drop?”

Feeling a little anxious about whatever’s going to go down in the rus parliament on the 15th of July.


The news about the bombing of a civilian building in Chasiv Yar (Donetsk Oblast) hit pretty hard. As of now there are 18 dead with 22 more still under the rubble of the destroyed building.

A member of my family has requested that I launch a fundraising campaign to get his squad/division a car for their military needs. So, that’s hit “close to home”.