This is a reverse chronological order of updates made to this website.


I’ve only been working with Hugo for a couple of days (and the only other statc site generator I’ve used was Jekyll), but damn this thing builds websites fast.
By no means is it as straightforward to use as a WYSIWYG site editor or a CMS like WordPress, but I 100% understand why so many people go with Hugo for their websits.
Eventually I’d like to experiment with 11ty as well, but I have a feeling I’ll only get to that once I have to build/start a new website. I’m going to try (like, really try) to keep this website on Hugo for as long as possible.
I love changing the “back end” stuff in my work just as a procrastination method, but this time around I’d like to avoid procrastination and actually put in the work to build a cool little digital home for myself and my thoughts.


Deleted my old website and uploaded this new static website generated by Hugo. I’m working with 5 different git repositories:

  • My Zettelkasten
  • The Hugo raw files
  • The Hugo export
  • My old “Orgmode” stuff
  • My old wiki git

It turns out that manually going into a bunch of different folders to do a bunch of git actions is tedious. BUT I have a bunch of aliases set up in my bash settings, and now I can pull/commit/push all my changes in every one of those 5 git repos with a single command.

The main benefit is that this is extramely quick. The big drawback is that my commit messages are very nondescript, which might become a problem in the future, but right now I feel like #Hackerman because I changed my bash configuration like a pro!