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Me and my emergency backpack have made it back to Kyiv. The train ride was difficult (if uneventful). My cat wouldn’t let us sleep and wanted to explore the compartment, refusing to stay in his carrier box for more than 20 minutes at a time once his calming pill wore off (23:00-ish). Then we rolled…… Continue reading Back Home

About that poster

Well, their propaganda is insane, and slowly people have started to notice. Videos of one of their top propaganda/media spokespeople were sloooowly starting to get noticed and gain traction. Example 1: (from his online livestream) Example 2 (from the actual Russia 1 channel a few days ago): So, we have these two videos…… Continue reading About that poster

Тривожна Валіза

Ну зібрав я тривожну валізу. Ще не до кінця, але зібрав. З плюсів — дійсно трохи спокійніше стало. Є план дій на випадок worst case scenario і є все необхідне щоб протриматись якись час вдома та/або в іншому місті. З мінусів — некомфортно через знижений рівень тривоги. Коли валізи не було, у мене був тривожний…… Continue reading Тривожна Валіза


Starting the blog from scratch again.I haven’t had a proper “reset” in many years. I haven’t had enough downtime to catch up on sleep and eat healthy and read and have enough space in my brain to process everything that has happened since the last time I felt like I had a “reset”.There’s probably many…… Continue reading Reset

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