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  • Mistborn by Brian Sanderson

    Mistborn by Brian Sanderson

    I absolutely blazed my way through the first three books of Brian Sanderson’s “Mistborn” series. These books are as good as all the fantasy dorks tell you it is. The first book is, essentially, “what if Ocean’s 11, but there’s people that use metals to get magic powers?” Like, that premise, in and of itself,…

  • An album I’m liking: Blip

    An album I’m liking: Blip

    BLIP by NAHreally & The Expert

  • FL Studio 24 update

    This is my first “free lifetime update” with FL Studio and it feels *great*. It’s not that I *need* all the new features (though the QOL improvements are welcome), but when a similarly “minor” upgrade came for Ableton I had to shell out, like, $150. So yeah. I’m really happy with my decision to switch…