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  • Mistborn by Brian Sanderson

    Mistborn by Brian Sanderson

    I absolutely blazed my way through the first three books of Brian Sanderson’s “Mistborn” series. These books are as good as all the fantasy dorks tell you it is. The first book is, essentially, “what if Ocean’s 11, but there’s people that use metals to get magic powers?” Like, that premise, in and of itself,…

  • An album I’m liking: Blip

    An album I’m liking: Blip

    BLIP by NAHreally & The Expert

  • FL Studio 24 update

    This is my first “free lifetime update” with FL Studio and it feels *great*. It’s not that I *need* all the new features (though the QOL improvements are welcome), but when a similarly “minor” upgrade came for Ableton I had to shell out, like, $150. So yeah. I’m really happy with my decision to switch…

  • Death of the Follower

    Death of the Follower

    Patreon and Jack Conte aren’t perfect, but for quite a while when they made predictions/placed bets on changes in the creator economy — they were generally right. All the “platforms” are definitely not prioritizing the “follow” mechanic as much as they used to. Arguably the only one that does is Substack, but even they’re doubling down…

  • New album by Open Mike Eagle, Video Dave, STILL RIFT

    <a href=””>Service Merchandise by Previous Industries</a> I’ve been really waiting for this one to come out. So much so that I actually pre-ordered it!

  • Sk8 Dreams Animation

    Sk8 Dreams Animation

    This animation made me feel young again.

  • Performance

    For the past couple of days my Morning Pages™️ have been about “performance” in one way or another. On Sunday I wrote about how I got so ingraned in the daily performance of “professional marketing person” that I’ve kinda forgotten what it’s like to be myself — a regular human being. On Monday I ended up writing…

  • I find it funny how it seems like everyone in the game is enjoying their life and having fun, even though they are going through an apocalyptic event and it’s happening right in front of them.They’re all like “shit, the castles floating, some guy from 10,000 years ago wants to kill us all, but dont…

  • A running list of things I don’t like

    Why spend loads of time writing about things you hate when you can create one mega-post and just update it as you find new things you don’t like? So A List of Things I Don’t Like To be continued…

  • When’s the perfect time to share?

    I’m trying to figure out when’s the perfect time to share that you’re going through something. Is there a perfect time? I read a lot of blog posts/tweets/instagram posts. I watch even more YouTube videos. People are constantly going through shit (it do be like that sometimes). And, like, I definitely know that “as shit…