A running list of things I don’t like

Why spend loads of time writing about things you hate when you can create one mega-post and just update it as you find new things you don’t like?



A List of Things I Don’t Like

  • russia
  • AI being in places where it doesn’t belong
  • The gap between what I want to make and what I’m capable of making
  • The fact that awesome “discovery” (Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, etc.) algorithms morphed into things that just show you more of the same thing, digging you deeper into whatever rut you’re in instead of showing you something new that might spark joy
  • That Trump is even allowed to run for president of the US despite everything
  • How slow western military aid to Ukraine is
  • That tasty foods are often unhealthy
  • That my cat has kidney problems
  • The lag in Bluetooth audio that gets in the way of producing music wirelessly
  • Overly complicated tech stacks
  • How difficult it is to find a new job
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • How difficult it is to find a sustainable way to keep the bedroom cool during the night
  • Fossil fuel industry

To be continued…


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