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  • Funny Books (from NYT)

    Whenever I finish a good book (it was Ready Player One this time), I find myself in a reading slump. So, I’m going to keep a list of resources to refer to when I’m looking for a new book to check out from the library. This article from the New York Times has a list…

  • Bird by Bird

    I’m reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. I *LOVE* it so far, and the opening paragraph to the “Perfectionism” chapter may have changed my life.

  • 5 Books for Writers (Also 1 Video Series)

    Whenever you write, there’s always that mean voice in your head that keeps saying that you need to write much, much better. Shut it up by reading some books and making small tweaks to your writing workflow (this is a 2-part blog post). These books are great, obviously. I’ve read them, I’ve learned a lot…