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  • Art takes a long time

    Art takes a long time

    My brain is always running at 100km/h, so any time I see artists take their time to work on their art it’s this huge wake-up call about how making things actually takes time.

  • Starting Out

    After 10 years of thinking about it (overthinking, really) I’ve finally started making a video for YouTube. As all “first” videos go, this one is about how it’s the first video I’m making. I hate that. But as much as videos about making videos absolutely GRIND MY GEARS, I need to get this navel-gazing bullshit…

  • Mixing Visualized

    Mixing Visualized

    If you get past the weird aesthetic choices (and BOY are they weird) and learn to enjoy them, then this is an amazing resource for understanding how sound mixing works (especially in the context of making music):

  • Stock Effects in Ableton Live

    Stock Effects in Ableton Live

    So, uhm, after buying and spending a couple of weeks using FL Studio I am now back on my bullshit (aka using Ableton Live).This video is an amazing resource. It explains all the stock plugins of Ableton Live and took my understanding of the software from, like, a 50% to close to 80%.

  • Good Journaling Methods

    Good Journaling Methods

    I’ve been slowly chipping away at a post about how journaling has helped me and the various little “journaling activities” that are actually helpful instead of time-sucking trash. Now I’ve had to throw that draft away because this video covers nearly all of my tips and adds some that I haven’t considered but that I…

  • The Perfect PokéRap

    The Perfect PokéRap

    There’s a thing I have for people who take something really simple and then overthink the living shit out of it. Here’s someone overthinking the PokeRap.