January Media Diet

So, uh, the monthly film photography posts didn’t work out, did they?

So, uh, it’s 2020 now, I guess? And the first month is over? Wow. Life comes at you fast.

Here’s my ””media diet”” for January.

Movies (and TV Show Seasons)


Probably the best movie of 2019.


Very much typical Moffat “all flash no substance” with a few perfect puns that were (most probably) written by Gatiss.

Jojo Rabbit

This movie was sweet and also sad and also timely. It tried to do a lot of different things in a short amount of time which was both a) exciting and b) the reason the movie never got into that Taika Waititi rhythm that I love so much.

500 Days of Summer

Holds up, but not as well as High Fidelity.

Sex Education (Season 1)

Every good thing you’ve heard about this show is true.


Mac Miller — Circles

First of all, RIP.

Second of all, I really liked this album. The way it sounds and the way Mac Miller raps/sings made me feel like how I felt when I listened to Kid Kudi’s Man on the Moon albums as a teen.

Tyler, the Creator — Igor

Probably the best album of 2019. And I agree — the fact that it only got nominated and won in the “rap” category is racist.

Tyler, the Creator — Flower Boy

I’ll never get sick of this beautiful album.

Alto’s Adventure/Odyssey OST

This has replaced Brian Eno’s Music for Airports as my go-to “background music for work” album.

Time Alone with You

This is a song, and not an album, but I love it, and if you do too, then I highly recommend you watch Jacob Collier break down his Logic session for this song here.

Hobo Johnson — The Fall of Hobo Johnson

This whole album is sweet and also heartbreaking. Despite all the lovely songs on the album, my favourite track is the spoken word story about people and cockroaches.